A RHSJ at the new CHUM

(extract of an article by Caroline Touzin in La Presse of November 5th, 2017)

When the head of the volunteer services of the new hospital asked Sister Marie Blanche if she wanted to continue her volunteer work with the patients in palliative care in the new Montreal hospital, the CHUM, the Sister of 84 hesitated, would she make the jump into the ultra-modern hospital? She finally said yes.

The Sister has never been afraid of death. She stayed in Rwanda to take care of the sick in refugee camps several times in the 70’s and after the genocide in 1994. The nurse also worked a lot with those suffering from aids who came to Montreal to die. The experiences of forgiveness and love found again, have comforted her many times in her mission.

Sister Marie-Blanche considers her patients in palliative care as teachers who have things to teach until the end of their life.

«She is a gatherer. The palliative care team learns a lot by observing her way of accompanying the patients», writes the head of the volunteer services», Lise Pettigrew. «I would say she does as much good to the patients as to the staff of the hospital».

If you meet a stranger who greets you warmly in the new CHUM, there is a good chance it’s Marie-Blanche. «I want to bring this family spirit we built at Hotel Dieu into the new CHUM», says the Sister. «My salary is the joy of serving the sick».