HUARAZ - Huaraz community

1959 to the present

In 1959, the Bishop of Huaraz asked the Sisters to be in charge of the hospital in Belen. Sisters Berthe Arseneau, Eliza Ynga, Leona Hache and Heloise Holmes responded. They opened a school for Practical Nurses. In 1965, when this charity hospital was replaced by a government hospital, the Sisters left Huaraz.
In 1999, Sisters Marie Claire Bourbonnais, Mabel Magallanes and Catalina Castille returned to the region. They resided in Curhuas and worked with the people of the villages providing pastoral and social services.

In the hospital as well as being in close contact with the most disadvantaged persons in the Sierra, the Sisters announce the Good News of Jesus Christ by incarnating the charism left to us by our Founder: following Christ, free to love and to serve.

Three RHSJ live in Huaraz but visit four villages, Curhuas, Chequia, Uquia and Paria.
They are engaged in parish ministry, visiting the sick and elderly, and youth ministry.
Resulting from a community reflection in 2010, an expanded community apostolic project was undertaken, proposing to young adults from the jungle, personal and group involvement, an area of Christian reflection on the meaning of these commitments and a workshop for manual skills which could become a financial resource for some of them in the future. Young students are committed to help grade school children with their studies