Kingston - History of Hotel Dieu Kingston

Summary Kingston
1845 to present

In 1845, the Bishop of Kingston, Remi Gaulin, invited the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph in Montreal to send Sisters to care for the sick, the poor and the most needy. This was the first foundation since the arrival of RHSJ in Montreal in 1659. Sister Amable Bourbonniere was chosen as the foundress with Sisters Huguette Claire Lastour, Louise Davignon and Emilie Barbari as assistants.

On September 1, 1845 the Sisters departed Montreal by steamer to begin their new foundation. They opened a hospital in two small houses at 229 and 23l Brock Street. In 1892, they moved with the patients to the former Regiopolis College at 123 Sydenham Street.  A chapel and a monastery were built in 1897.

Throughout the years of ongoing renovations and new constructions, the Hotel-Dieu expanded to provide for the spiritual and physical care of the citizens of Kingston and surrounding area, without any discrimination regarding religion, race or class.

Through its affiliation with the medical school at Queen’s University, the hospital has been a site for learning, attracting the very best doctors and interns. In order to ensure quality of care, a nursing school was founded in 1912 along with educational programs for Medical Records (l935), the School of Medical Technology (l949) and the School of Radiology (1957).

To this day, the hospital continues to work in partnership with the University Hospital in Kingston, providing quality care, leading innovative research and training the health care professionals of tomorrow. The hospital is a member of the Catholic Health International health system.

As a result of restructuring of health care in Ontario, the Hotel-Dieu has become an ambulatory care teaching hospital for the area. The Sisters continue their presence as members of the Board of Directors and by pastoral health care services