1966 to present

In 1995, a woman shared her concerns with the Hospitallers of Saint Joseph regarding the poverty and isolation of the people of Notre Dame de la Merci parish.  She expressed her desire to have Sisters establish a small mission to assist the poor, the sick and the most needy.  She was supported by Father Claude Sauvageau, pastor of the parish.  Following letters from civil authorities, the approbation of the Congregation and Bishop Gilles Lussier, bishop of Joliette, two Hospitallers arrived in the parish in September 1996 and were joined by another Sister in 1997.

Incarnate the charism and mission of the RHSJ in the heart of the Laurentians by reaching out to the home-bound and elderly, visiting the elderly at the Saint Donat nursing home, accompanying the sick, collaborating with lay associates and by participating in the liturgical life of the parish.

Three Hospitallers serve in the Notre Dame de la Merci mission.