Our RHSJ mission at Notre Dame de la Merci

Notre Dame de la Merci is an integral part of the Holy Family parish.  Two hospitallers live their daily life through a diversified mission;
• Serving the community liturgy by preparing for the celebration of the
Eucharist, funerals, baptisms, providing organ accompaniment for various gatherings  and functions of the Christian community.

• Responding to the needs of faith education providing leadership along with others, the pastoral council of the Christian community as well as participating with other parish groups.

• Engaging in quality time such as social dinners, visiting the sick, comforting the those who grieve, organizing two annual concerts, focusing on promoting values and assisting with community organizations.

• Supporting the food and clothing outlet of the small mssion for persons in need .

What is most important to us is to be an attentive, loving ,compassionate presence to others, so that the Lord will be better known and loved.

Sisters Eliane Pepin and Therese Arcand
ND de la Merci