''Leave your country'': a path of freedom

For a Congregation to relinquish an institution like that of Hotel-Dieu- St. Basile, where numerous Sisters have served for 140 years can be a grieving experience.

Sister Marie-Therese, Superior General invites us to an altogether different reading of this momentous event. She states:
“We are truly living the “leave your country” as Abraham was invited in the scripture passage. However, let us remember that God added “go to the land I will show you.” Leaving could be painful, but Abraham could foresee the promise of another country.
Today, the promise of a “new country” is concretized by a grant of a government subsidy to upgrade health care services to the Hotel-Dieu residents. Therefore, Hotel-Dieu returns to its original vocation, a phase which must make the foundresses themselves happy wherever they are now. Moreover, it is a pleasure to bless this phase of development of the Works of Hotel-Dieu and wish them long life

Let us not forget the tribute paid by Mrs. Madeleine Dube, Minister of Development. “These women are giving us a legacy not only of their patrimony, but also their faith, their dedicated service, I wish to honor and be grateful to the Congregation  for the broad scope of its work.”