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Father Lemaire, parish priest of Roiffé, passed away
Father Lemaire passed away on Febraury 18. He has been parish priest since 1975 in Roiffé, a small village of 700 inhabitants, located in the Vienne region of Poitou-Charentes. Without wishing to deny the historical context of Roiffé, the village is dear to the heart of the Religious Hospitallers, since it is the birthplace of Marie de la Ferre, co-founder of our Congregation.

Father Lemaire and his late brother Michel were devoted guardians of the memory of Marie de la Ferre in this small village, where we like to go and meditate. We are grateful to them.

As our Founders, Father Lemaire was a faithful servant of our God, may he now live in Eternal Peace.
Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, World Day of Consecrated Life
On February 2nd, the Church commemorates the presentation of Jesus in the Temple, highlighting the Consecration of Jesus to his Father.

Since 1977, the Church wanted to give thanks for consecrated life throughout the world, hence this commemoration Day.
Moreover, in our spiritual family we renew our consecration to the Lord with the spiritual event experienced by Jerome Le Royer, our founder, his vision of the Holy Family, and having the first chapter of our Constitutions dictated to him.

A time for the Congregation to give thanks and to live this day in deep communion with all our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Jérôme Le Royer de la Dauversière in the spotlight
In Montreal, the Sisters of Charity Sainte-Marie, better known as Marie Clarac, received a donation from our Congregation to help them renovate their excellent palliative care service.

Last week, wanting to thank us, they invited us to visit them and we responded to their invitation. It was with emotion that we discovered the delicate way to make their thanks to the RHSJ come true. At the entrance of the palliative care service a wall space is dedicated to Jérôme Le Royer as you can see in the photo.

The Bathurst RHSJ's relocation.
Several months ago, we wrote about the Montreal RHSJ’s relocation.

Today, it is the Bathurst Community’s turn to experience a big change. Yes, 40 Sisters will leave their dear Vallée-Lourdes where they lived for more than 70 years, to go to the Le Royal Residence, in down town Bathurst.

A new form of presence in the population, a new Mission. With all our heart, let us wish each of them a fruitful adaptation.
Happy anniversary Jeanne Mance!
Jeanne Mance, co-founder of Montreal, was born on November 12, 1606 in Langres, France, and arrived in Montreal in 1642 where she lived until her death on June 18, 1673.
November 6 with the RHSJ
La Flèche, is the place of our Foundation and also where the spiritual family is present through the Sisters and the Associates. Each year on November 6, the anniversary of Jérôme’s death we to remember our Founder and be grateful for this servant of God.
It is also the time chosen by certain groups of Associates to pronounce or renew their commitment.
Yes, in this time of great changes and preoccupations about the future, let us remember the word of God to Jérôme concerning the future of his project.
«My grace is sufficient for you»
150th anniversaire of the foundation of Miramichi
Invitation from Catholic Health International to remember the 150th anniversary of foundation in Miramichi by the Religious Hospitallers of Saint-Joseph.

Mention will be made of the birth of a new group of associate persons in Miramichi.

The family is always growing. Let us rejoice!
En route in Montreal for the 3rd transfer of the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph

On April 22nd, before proceeding to the Sisters’ move, the Community experienced a farewell celebration at the Hôtel Dieu chapel where, since 1861, the great moments of the community and also of Christian life were experienced and celebrated; intense interior and emotional moments.
Dare to build a new world
«Dare to build a new world», a documentary that enabled the Sisters Hospitallers of Saint Joseph of Montreal to present the progress made since the arrival of the first French sisters, who came to join Jeanne Mance. Let us call this route "the first crossing to the shores of the St. Lawrence".  Then it was the transfer to Mont Sainte-Famille, the second crossing... And now the Sisters are preparing for a third crossing. If you are interested, see what they tell you about this new adventure by clicking on the following link:
Dare a new world
At the occasion of the 360th anniversary of their arrival in Canada, the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph, in collaboration with the Musée des Hospitalières de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, present the film of the filmmaker Daniel Bertolino, with the participation of C. Viau of the studio Via le Monde. A great opportunity to remember.

Sr. Louisette Lelièvre

February 2nd - Feast of Mary
On this feast of Mary, we Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph renew our consecration to the Lord.

It is in communion with our sisters in France, Canada, USA, Peru, Dominican Republic and Mexico that we ask the Virgin Mary to make her words ours: « Here is the servant of the Lord, may everything be done according to your word».
Honorary recognition
On the occasion of her 80th birthday, Sister Lorraine Soucy, Hospitaller of Saint Joseph in Saint Basile, New-Brunswick, received an honorary certificate from the hands of the liberal deputy Jean-Claude D’Amours. Furthermore, Sister Lorraine Soucy's name was mentioned in the Legislative assembly of New Brunswick, during the presentation of extraordinary people of the province. She was cited for her tireless dedication, exemplary community involvement, her greatness of spirit and her sense of service. Sister Lorraine Soucy, Hospitaller Sister, a woman of faith, an exceptional person.
New buds with the Associates
Yes, let us rejoice and be in communion on this September 8, 2018 when, in the new group of Associates of Beaupreau, in France, Jean, Jacqueline, Marie Renee and Marie Paule will celebrate their first commitment as associate lay persons in the RHSJ spiritual family.
Tracadie event in September
If you have the chance to be near Tracadie, don’t hesitate to participate in the event of the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the RHSJ in Tracadie, which takes place during the month of September and especially from the 28 to the 30th.
Let us remember and pay tribute to our predecessors.
The 50th anniversary of the statue of Jeanne Mance in Langres
On May 5, 2018, 80 persons were present to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the statue of Jeanne Mance in Langres, France. Five persons of Montreal accompanied Mrs. Monique Lanouette-Beaucage, new person in charge of the Jeanne Mance Centre of Montreal and Mrs. Huguette Pagé-Deschamps, representative of the Montreal Hotel Dieu Nurse Association. It was a beautiful celebration…
Pilgrimage to our roots
Dear Sisters and Associates,
Throughout this pilgrimage to our roots, you were all present… Each Region will certainly receive news through those who made the trip, but I wanted today to give you some echoes of this week in the footsteps of our Founders.

Words or expressions surfaced during special moments, but also in the group experience. They were of Thanksgiving for these moments of spiritual and historical renewal. An opportunity for relational, cultural and different discoveries, but connected with the same source. There was a deepening of our faith and hope, in the Mission to which the Lord calls us through our belonging to the RHSJ Spiritual Family.

Lieutenant-Governor's Medal Presented to the RHSJ
The Honorable Michel Doyon, Lieutenant-Governor, presented the gold medal to Sister Marie-Thérèse Laliberté, for the RHSJ Congregation, on April 15, 2018.

Here is the complete text which was read at the medal presentation:

«The Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph of Montreal Recipients of Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for exceptional merit – 2018

The citation is as follows:

Doris Custeau Living Memory
Tribute to Sister Marie-Blanche Leblanc from
«Regroupement interprofessionnel des intervenants retraités des services de santé»
(Inter professional group of retired contributors to healthcare services).

Let us be proud and rejoice for this tribute to Sister Marie-Blanche for these years as a nurse in Quebec, but also in Africa.
Sister Nicole Allard 50th anniversary of religious profession
It is with joy that we congratulate Sister Nicole Allard on the 50th anniversary of her religious profession. This celebration  took place in Montreal, on May 12, 2018.

We give praise for these many years of service to the Congregation. In finance, on various boards of directors and General and Provincial Administrations.

All our best wishes on the new paths in the Lord’s company.
When the people of Laval were cared for at Saint-Julien
The old Saint-Julien Hospital. It is still how the people of Laval speak of the islet which was sold by the City to a private promotor in September 2017.
This “rebirth” was clarified by the diocese, which devoted an exposition on the «founder of the Religious Hospitallers of Saint-Joseph: Jérôme Le Royer de la Dauversière. This Congregation he founded cared for generations of the people of Mayenne. They were present in Laval and Ernée for more than three centuries, from 1678 to 2010.
The Exposition ends Friday April 27, at the Cardinal-Billé House. Saturday, April 21 at 3:00 PM: a guided visit and testimony of Marie-Thérèse Rivière, consecrated lay person of the congregation, one of the last nurses of Saint-Julien.

April 20, 2018

V. Larat
Finally, the web capsules are here!
I am happy to announce the launching of the series «Extraordinary stories of Hospitallers», twelve dramatic capsules captured by Made in Media and broadcast on the website

Several RHSJ generously collaborated in the compilation of pastoral experiences, memories, testimonies and diverse documents to enrich these stories on the nature of their Hospitallers’ work since the first day in Montreal.


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