When the associates gathered...

April, 4th, 2013 - It was a rainy, grey day that we found ourselves in the Marian Sanctuary of Notre Dame du Chêne, situated 25 kilometres from La Flèche, for a meeting of the Associates from La Flèche and Laval.
11 participants from La Flèche responded to the invitation and four from Laval-Angers.  Before Mass, we took the time to discuss our pre-chapter day, held at Pommeraie, Wedenesday, March 20, 2013.  This meeting of the family (R.H.S.J. and Associates) rich in sharing, complementarity, was a very positive experience.
After the Eucharist and a friendly meal, Brother Ghislain, a member of the Saint John community, gave us a teaching on the theme:

“The spiritual life of Jerome Le Royer through the text of Benedict XVI on faith.”

''The missionary vitality of Jerome Le Royer is remarkable for a layman… He will have a true role as a spiritual Father … In Jerome, faith developed through mystical graces which always indicates a special intimacy with God …. He was organized, honest, competent ….. He encountered suffering and opposition …. His devotion to the Holy Family is remarkable:  consecration of his family, founding of the Confraternity….  Jerome throughout his life is Father:  for his family, for the community of the daughters of Saint Joseph ….  Jerome is another Joseph, who is the most perfect image of the Father in Heaven…. We discover the Holy Liberty of the children of God in his works, because he lived it, this spirit of Liberty showed his interior life….”

A visit to the Centre was then suggested for those persons capable of it, before each left this place after a day rich with discussion and friendliness.