Jérôme Le Royer de la Dauversière

BEAULIEU, Bertille 1994, Jerome le Royer de la Dauversiere, Montreal, Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph.
ISBN: 2-9804189-0-0

“I will clothe you with strength and wisdom.”

The author summarizes for us the history and spiritual journey of this lay man, father of a family and founder of a religious community.

Jerome Le Royer de la Dauversiere,
Man Of Faith And Action

OURY, Guy, Marie, 1991, "Jérôme le Royer de la Dauversière, L’homme qui a conçu Montréal"
Translated by Sister Sheila Boase, r.h.s.j. 2010
Carte Blanche Editions RHSJ 2010

“Where can I find a faithful servant?”

The author finds it important to make the known the personality of the one who conceived and wanted a missionary colony in Montreal. He presents Jerome as the servant of his divine Master. He has all the boldness of one who does not act on his own, but knows he is the instrument chosen for a task which goes beyond him. He went to the farthest limits, and Montreal was born.

SIMPLE AND TRUE HISTORY - Annals of the Hotel-Dieu of Montreal 1659-1725

MORIN, Marie, translated by Sister Sheila Boase, 2010.

“You will pick roses where there have been thorns.”
Marie Morin

Marie Morin, the author, is not content with relating the events, but speaks to us about Maisonneuve, Jeanne Mance, La Dauversiere and the first Sisters. She presents a backdrop of hunger, cold, fear of the Iroquois, all the hardships of this enterprise and its survival. This is an essential work on the history of Montreal and its inhabitants.
Marie de la Ferre (1589-1652)

LAPLANTE, Corinne, 2010 Marie de la Ferre, Montreal, Religious Hospitallers of Saint-Joseph, 58 pages.

“God is our Father.”

The author evokes the predominant traits of the co-foundress of the RHSJ: her childhood and her desire to know the God of Catholics, her years of service, noble and free, her meeting with Jerome Le Royer and the beginnings of a great work, her discernment in receiving vocations, the mission and its expansion in France.