A RHSJ en route with handicapped persons

The Christian Fraternity of Handicapped  persons, is an association established by Father Henri Francois, a handicapped person himself.  His wish is to journey alongside each person  out or respect for who they are, what they are experiencing thereby enabling him to become integrated into his own milieu and act in solidarity with others by cultivating “a spirituality of the Resurrection rather than resignation”.
Since 2006, I accompany the group from the Beaupreau area.  What I perceive from these handicapped persons from my spiritual assistance to them, is mutual help and the spirit of service which rejoices my heart as a Hospitaller.
The person responsible for the group is also a handicapped person, wheelchair bound. Together we prepare the group meetings, comprising 12 persons who meet in our Marie de la Ferre community room.  It is always so pleasant to welcome them, so happy to come together which is readily seen in their facial expressions.
During our meetings, the theme given by the national office of this movement, we focus on creating a climate of trust, giving priority to listening to each one with respect. As leaders, we are invited to journey with each one, promoting a sense of personal recognition and development.  Within our meeting, we always have time for shared prayer and end with a glass of good cheer!
I am happy to serve these persons by bringing them my love.  I thank God for this opportunity to live this commitment, directly aligned with the charism of the RHSJ.

Sister Marie-jo Demy