Construct Bridges for Peace

 On January 1, we invited you to take part in the 24 hour vigil for Peace in the world. In 24 hours we gathered voices from the whole planet. There were contributions from personalities such as Jean Vanier abd Ruth Patterson; but also many groups expressed themselves, to mention a few :  Pax Christi International,  Montreal Antennas for Peace, Arche, the Montreal Institute of Human and Integral Formation, ATD 4th World, the International Bureau for Peace, etc.
Throughout this vigil calls to be builders of peace were initiated with respect to certain countries at war, affected by violence… but each person could feel challenged and enlightened to be always a source of Peace, where she lives. I leave to your reflection some of the challenges offered; a way perhaps original, but very concrete, to listen to the cries of the world.
“To build Peace, one decision is enough: to pass from desire to concrete action.” IFHIM
“As long as the colour of the skin is more important than that of the eyes, we will not know peace.  Hailé Selassié.
“To make Peace with an enemy, we must work with this enemy and this enemy thus becomes our partner.”  Nelson Mandela.
“I do not see any other way to build Peace except that each one eradicate and annihilate in himself what he wants to destroy in others. Be convinced that the least atom of hate that we add to this world, makes it less hospitable than it is already. Etty Hillesum.  
To be a man or woman of Peace is to welcome differences, because behind your culture, handicaps, violence, there is your heart.” Jean Vanier.              
 Fraternity is an essential human quality.  … Without fraternity it is impossible  to build a just society and a solid and lasting peace….  Fraternity is the foundation and the pathway to Peace.
” Message of Pope Francis, January 1, 2014.

Together, let us begin to build  Bridges of Peace.