VOCATION - Daring!

The adventure of a vocation is a daring one!

Dare to live

Trust life, be amazed at who I am. Daring to live is to prefer risk over security. We are not condemned to live, but rather are given as gift an existence which is uniquely personal.  Hence the imiportance of self-knowledge!

Dare to hear the call
Someone wants to speak to me, therefore, I must create space within myself to listen. To listen is to displace my center of gravity, placing it in the other. One of the characteristics of our Judeo-Christian religion is that our God speaks. God is not mute, nor deaf! Read the Bible…God is the first to call, God always calls throughout Scripture, within the Church community, the sacraments and the signs of the times.

Dare to respond freely
Over and above hearing the calls, it is our response which is decisive in allowing God’s action to reach the inner freedom penetrating our life. Decisions give meaning to our life. We are free to say NO or perhaps neither YES or NO. It takes time to say an honest YES!

Dare to be committed in the world and for the world
The object of the call is to share in the redemptive mission, to participate in the work of transforming the world, to proclaim the reign of God by teaching, healing and reconciliation.

Would you risk spending time in our mission in Mexico?
Are you ready to experience tenderness and compassion among the poorest of the Mayan culture. “Come and see''.

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