Dyslexia clinic - Edmunston, N.-B.

In an interview, Sister Claudette Dionne, r.h.s.j. tells the story of this clinic.

"When I was teaching in schools, I worked with a challenged population( utilizing the current vocabulary). However, I had certain children who stood out among them. They did not have an intellectual problem but demonstrated certain difficulties in French, mathematics and in other areas. I quickly came to realize that they had special service needs. After doing a bit of research, we quickly identified symptoms of dyslexia. We requested special formation which would enable us to assist these students in an adequate manner.

This was the origin of which, after I retired, I opened a class and began with two clients. Thanks to word of mouth, other parents contacted us. I was able to detect dyslexia problems, having received instruction from a specialist in Quebec. As time went on, I needed help to work with individuals one on one, which took an average of three hours a week per client."

This project, which began like a small mustard seed sown in the ground has grown. This dyslexia clinic has become “The Neuro-Pedagogical Center, Inc.” which includes the following services:

• Neuro-functional realignment
• Dyslexia re-education
• Mathematics re-education
• Tutorials
• Screening and formation

Its mission is to offer innovative and specialized educational services meeting the needs of a population with learning disabilities. Sister Claudette is blessed! Her project, born of a simple desire to help young handicapped persons, has experienced growth which warms her heart.