In mission in the voluntary service in Kingston

Sister Isabel MacLaughlin, RHSJ
August 17, 2016—age 81 years, 202 Johnson Street, Kingston, Ontario

NOTE—I retired from full time paid employment at age 65 concluding 11 years in Pastoral Care at Hotel Dieu and St. Joseph’s Villa, Cornwall.  I have done volunteer work continuously for the past 16 years.  My professional work was teaching with a secondary work in pastoral ministry. These skills are in demand so volunteering is a natural fit for me.

VOLUNTEERING has been very fulfilling for me and I have been very active in finding works where my talents and gifts are well utilised. Luckily, I have lots of initiative and know-how re. volunteering.  I contact the volunteer agency who match skills to needs and it works famously for me.  In Toronto I worked at Scott Mission for homeless men, and in Palliative Care at St.Michael’s Hospital and in East End Literacy for immigrants and people upgrading. I worked in Palliative Care at Mount Saint Joseph, and at present I work at Kingston General in Eucharistic Ministry. Also, I work at Martha’s Table where guests are welcomed to coffee break, noon lunch and dinner later in the day.  There are various opportunities along the way such as helping a new citizen to work toward becoming a Canadian, working in food bank, and coat distribution in winter. 

I have the luxury of setting my own agenda so have afternoons free for self-enrichment, personal interests, and some household chores such as treasurer’s work and healthy living like walking and entertainment such as lectures and movies.  I tap into short courses such as Lifelong Learning which is a series of lectures and Quill Sunday lectures at Queen’s. 
I find fulfillment in my work and have always experienced job satisfaction.  I am very structured and time conscious and am well organized.  I feel well accepted in my various teams/groups and know my contribution is valued.  I enjoy the contacts and  relate well to all groups and am certainly enriched by them.

I worked mainly with six year olds and seniors both of whom I truly love.  I am forever grateful to both who have helped me to become a much more worthwhile human being. These two groups communicate with an honesty and directness which I hope I have acquired.

The RHSJ mission—incarnating Christ’s tender compassion- is front and center in all my work and relationships.   To God be the glory for the talents and achievements I have received and used in bringing about THE KINGDOM.

REFERENCE----Sister Isabelle MacLaughlin-Mount Saint Joseph You Tube