Live vocation today

In today’s world, is it more difficult to respond to the call of Christ and to remain faithful?

Santa Elizabeth PUJOL DIAZ,  Dominican, 23 years old.

Elizabeth is presently a postulant in the formation house of the RHSJ in Lima, Peru.  She is a graphic artist, had many commitments with young people in her parish and she participated in the World Youth Day in Brazil as a Diocesan representative.
In looking at the question in connection with what it meant for the first Christians, I do not think it is more difficult.  As in the beginning, the call of Christ requires the same renunciation of self, carrying one’s cross,  following Him, wherever he wants us to go.
The ways we experience these renunciations and the way we follow Christ are different, but the difficulty is not greater. The human being has the same fundamental needs and the same existential anxieties.  Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?
On the other hand, the difficulty is greater in the search for one’s vocation/ attention to the call. Without that, there is no response, no fidelity. It is difficult, but at the same time possible and a source of plenitude.

Alexia CHAVEZ DURAND, Peruvian, 39 years old.
Alexia entered the Community in 2001, with a diploma in practical nursing. She worked in a clinic in Lima, then followed a formation course at the IFHIM for three years in Montreal.  
Presently she is the Director of Postulants and accompanies those who work in a nursery school in Lima. She also works in Youth Ministry. 

It is more than 10 years since I responded YES to the call of the Lord.  I feel that this YES is said every day, in the concrete actions and the coherence of my life. 
In the context of today, to respond to the call requires a real belief that life is possible in consecrated life and that the Life that Jesus offers comes in abundance.  What is difficult is to believe that Love is possible when everywhere in the world there is violence, war, individualism, materialism.  How often profit and money are the dominant values…
But to experience Christ, in my life, day after day, keeps me faithful.  It is the road through which I try to love Him as he loved us. 
The grace comes to me from Him, but my commitment is a decision that I make daily to live my consecrated life.