Mexico - History of the RHSJ in Mexico

1992 to the present

The first community of RHSJ founded in Mexico resulted from a project initiated by Sister Imelda Roy.  In 1988, she received permission to live on a trial basis in a poor sector of Mexico City.  The Congregation gave its official approbation to the Mexico foundation in 1992.

In January 1993, Sisters Estelle Mazerolle and Laurette Brideau arrived in Mexico to form a community with Sister Imelda Roy and some Mexicans.

In November 1994, Chalco was established with Sisters Alma Roy, Claudette Hache and Edna Thomas, a mission situated in a poor village approximately two hours from Mexico City.

In November 1996, Sisters Alma Roy, Claudette Hache and Laurette Brideau left Chalco for Huitzilzingo, a village about 10 minutes from Chalco. Faced with the needs of the elderly, the Congregation built a 20 bed nursing home “Casa Hogar San Jose.” 

During this time, Sisters Imelda and other RHSJ, one being Sister Ana (1st Mexican Sister who died in 2006) pursued their mission of serving the sick confined to their homes and doing pastoral ministry in the parish.  The Mexico City community closed in 2006.