Jerome Le Royer : Man of faith

 The founder of Montreal was not solely an entrepreneur.  Dom Oury, Benedictine, qualified him as an “mystic in action”.  (Dom Guy-Marie Oury Jerome Le Royer De La Dauversiere, Man of Faith and Action.  Umen, Montreal 2010, Preface).
Jerome was a prayerful man, deeply attached to Christ.  He had but one motive, that of fulfilling God’s will through the mission the Lord had entrusted to him.  He believed in the impossible, while demonstrating a great docility to the Spirit along with a deep interior freedom.
His faith, “God alone is my all” shows us a man seized by God.

A man captivated by a great missionary zeal.

The second part of Jerome’s mission was to promote the colonization and evangelization of the Island of Montreal.  Although Jerome Le Royer never went to New-France, nevertheless he devoted all his efforts to this enterprise from France, being the principal founder of the colonizing Society which gave birth to Montreal.
With a great discerning spirit, he recruited two pillars of the Foundation, Mr. de Maisonneuve as governor and Miss  Jeanne Mance as lay nurse to administer the first hospital in Ville-Marie.
In 1642 Jerome Le Royer and men and women, members of the Society of Montreal, consecrated the Island of Montreal to the Holy Family.
On June 29, 1659, Jerome was at La Rochelle for the departure for Canada of the first three Daughters Hospitallers of Saint Joseph.

A man with his mission accomplished

His mission accomplished, Jerome could return to the Father.  In fact, without even knowing if his Daughters had arrived in Montreal, Jerome Le Royer died in La Fleche on November 6, 1659.