Miramichi - Headquarters of Catholic Health International

History of the partnership of the RHSJ with Catholic Health International

Catholic Health Care partners is the corporate name while Catholic Health International, Inc is the operating name.

Catholic hospitals and nursing homes in New Brunswick were established by Religious Congregations. The RHSJ contributed significantly to this health care mission of the church. The involvement of Congregations in the health care field became difficult due to various factors: notably, by the 1992 law of the New Brunswick government which curtailed the participation of the Church in the health care delivery system, but also because of the diminishing number of members of communities.

However, religious communities were very concerned about preserving the Catholic presence in a health care system which would strengthen the identity, mission and Catholic values in hospitals and nursing homes.
Thus, in 2001, Catholic Health Partners, a system bringing together 4 congregations was initiated comprising:
• Filles de Jesus
• Religious Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur
• Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph
• Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception

They transferred responsibility to ensure that the Catholic institutions would maintain their values to pursue the healing ministry of Jesus.

This system, known today as Catholic Health International (SCI) is established as a corporation with civil as well as canonical rights. It submits an annual report of its activities to the Vatican. CHI has its headquarters in Miramachi with a Board of Directors whose President is Sister Sarah Maillet, R.H.S.J. and whose CEO is Mr. Robert Stewart.

CHI is the corporate umbrella for 35 corporations in New Brunswick, Ontario, and the United States established by the religious Congregations of this health system partnership. Led by the Gospel imperative, Catholic Health International is committed to promoting the healing mission of Jesus. It assures services which support the mission and values of Catholic health care.

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