Jérôme Le Royer : Man of action

On the feast of the Purification, February 2, 1630, in the chapel of Notre-Dame du Chef du Pont, after having received communion, Jerome le Royer felt called to found a Congregation of Daughters Hospitallers for the service of the sick poor being cared for in the ancient Hotel-Dieu of La Fleche.  While waiting to pursue this mandate, he rebuilt the old, run-down hospital of the town which was to become the locus of the future community.

During the following years, his spiritual advisors pressured him to abandon these “pious fantasies.”

This commited lay man once again heard an interior voice calling him to:
  • Found and evangelize a colony on the Island of Montreal
  • Establish a hospital which would be served by the Daughters Hospitallers of Saint Joseph.
In February 1635, at Notre Dame de Paris, M. Le Royer had a new spiritual experience, seeing himself in the presence of the Holy Family and hearing Jesus tell him: “ Henceforth you will be my faithful servant. I will clothe you with strength and wisdom, you will have your guardian angel as guide.  Fulfill my mission, my grace is sufficient for you and will never fail.

Thereafter, his spiritual advisors took his “pious fantasies” seriously and Jerome took action with a great spirit of faith and great trust.