Spiritual Heritage

What was most important to Jerome Le Royer in the church was unity, communion and bonds of charity. 

All baptized persons are closely united to the life of Jesus, head of the body which is the Church.  The members of the Confraternity of the Holy Family, then the Daughters of St. Joseph were called to live deeply this experience of the mystical body. 

To enter into this reality of manifesting this will of Christ, John 17:21,  “That they all be one Father, just as you are in me and I am in you….”

The Daughters Hospitallers of Saint Joseph are invited to:

■ be nourished by the Eucharist, Body of Christ
■ live in union of charity and the liberty of the Children of God by:
     - contemplating the Holy Family, reflection of Trinitarian Love  (Love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
     - being inspired by the life of the first Christians.
■ serve Christ with tender compassion, especially the poor who are full members of this life of union with Christ and his Church.

Marie de la Ferre confirmed the spiritual will of Jerome Le Royer when she told her daughters before she died: “May humility, charity, union of hearts be the principal study of your life…”
The RHSJ follow this path traced by Jerome LeRoyer and Marie de la Ferre in a society and a Church in constant transformation. Thus, the charism of the Congregation states:
“The Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph are called to live the liberty of the children of God as women of faith, incarnating the tender compassion of Christ in serving his members, especially the poor, the sick and the most needy in union of charity.”

Today, the RHSJ are engaged in various apostolic priorities determined by suffering  and underdevelopment, absence of religious witness and professional services.