WINOOSKI - Vermont community

1894 to the present

At the request of Bishop John Michaud, five Sisters arrived in Winooski from Montreal on May 24, 1894
to care for the sick, the poor and the most vulnerable in Vermont. They transformed the former Dunbar Hotel into a hospital naming it Fanny Allen Hospital, honoring the first American Sister in the Congregation.  
A new hospital was built in 1968 with subsequent expansions and clinical services. In 1995, the Fanny Allen Hospital merged with the University Health Center, the Medical Center of Vermont in alliance with the University of Vermont, retaining its Catholic heritage and presence.  In 1996, the RHSJ and Covenant Health Systems became co-sponsors.  In 2008 the RHSJ transferred their sponsorship responsibilities to Covenant Health Systems. Through the establishment of the Fanny Allen Corporation Foundation in 1996, the mission of the Sisters reaches out to the sick and the poor to improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged.

In 2004, the Sisters moved from the convent to the Our Lady of Providence Residence, an intercommunity residential care facility in Winooski, Vermont.

Live the charism of interior freedom and unity within the context of intercommunity life with other
Sisters and the elderly.

Six  RHSJ live at the Our Lady of Providence Residence and two live in apartments.